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        Najafi Global Mindset Institute Launches at Thunderbird

Center is dedicated to defining, measuring and developing the science and practice of global leadership

(GLENDALE, Ariz.) Sept 8, 2011- Thunderbird School of Global Management has launched the Najafi Global Mindset Institute, the first research center in Arizona and the world studying the qualities that make international managers successful. The core of the Institute's work is the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI), a scientific assessment that measures a person's capacity to thrive and better influence individuals, groups and organizations unlike themselves.

The Najafi Global Mindset Institute is being funded by 46 individual donors, including a generous donation of nearly $2 million from Thunderbird Trustee Francis Najafi, a 1977 graduate of the school. Originally from Iran, Mr. Najafi is the chief executive of Phoenix-based Pivotal Group, a leading investment company focused on private equity and real estate. He was recently awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, which is presented to Americans of diverse origins for their outstanding contributions to their own ethnic groups and to American society.

"Francis Najafi is one of our most active and stalwart trustees, and is an alumnus who cares deeply about the advancement of Global Mindset worldwide," said Mansour Javidan Ph.D., a Thunderbird professor and the Director of the Najafi Global Mindset Institute. "His support allows Thunderbird to advance a very important initiative that will serve as the cornerstone for the science and practice of global mindset leadership development."

Thunderbird School of Global Management is the world's No. 1-ranked institution of international business. Driven by a unique mission to "educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide," the school is committed to expanding ideas that address the world's primary economic, business and social challenges.

"Until now, corporations have lacked the ability to reliably gauge their management team's capability and effectiveness in multicultural environments," said Francis Najafi. "The Global Mindset Institute is designed to create scientifically based assessment tools that help measure success in global leadership positions and enhance the capabilities of managers and executives to serve as effective global leaders."

The first goals of the institute are to build deeper partnerships with international business schools around the world, develop more connections with non-profit organizations and governments, and train more global executives. Already several business schools in the U.S., Canada and the Middle East use the Global Mindset Inventory a part of their own MBA programs. Enterprises from Henkel, Raytheon and Intel in China have also used the GMI assessment.

About Thunderbird
Thunderbird is the world's No. 1-ranked school of international business with more than 60 years of experience in developing leaders with the global mindset, business skills and social responsibility necessary to create real, sustainable value for their organizations, communities and the world. Dedicated to preparing students to be global leaders and committed global citizens, Thunderbird was the first graduate business school to adopt an official Professional Oath of Honor. Thunderbird is sought out worldwide by graduate students, working professionals and companies seeking to gain the leadership skills required to succeed in today's global economy. For more about Thunderbird, please visit: www.thunderbird.edu.

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